Episode 9: Getting Snatched To Get Hitched ft. @equip_fitness

After getting engaged, one of the first places that brides to be run to is...to the gym! Lots of ladies try to take the fast lane for a quick fix but when you're watching that waistline, it goes a bit deeper than counting calories. It's important to find a great trainer who will help you to not only make a lifestyle change for your big day, but to sustain well into your happily ever after. I decided to come hang out with my trainers, JP and Raschad to share some tips on being the best you, for you...and for your dream dress. Be sure to stop by my Instagram page to check out the video!

Episode 8: Let There Be Glowsticks ft. Candice Hull

Nothing says fun like planning for a bride who loves all things NOT wedding-ish. ((insert sarcastic stare)). Lucky for me, she's one of my besties and she got what she wanted for her big day...right down to the glowsticks. Candice Hull, affectionately known as "Teedy" as we talk through planning and prioritizing for the couple who wanted to make sure that their wedding was THEIRS.

Episode 7: Face It, You Can't Change The Weather

They say that life comes at you fast, but if you've ever spent the days of your wedding refreshing the forecast, then you know this to be true. Now seriously, once that date is booked, it's like signing a contract with mother nature and literally your entire wedding is on the line. You can't control that. But despite popular belief, there are ways to make safe weather decisions to protect your big day.

Episode 6: These Are The Rules, Have Some Couth

It’s never a great day to be the wedding guest with no behavior…nor the petty bridesmaid…never, EVER be the abundantly bossy mom and certainly, not the inconsiderate couple.

But let’s face it, come wedding day, someone will cause eyes to roll; just make sure that someone isn’t you. So how do you avoid the drama? Well, that’s easy, conduct yourself accordingly; there are rules. In this episode, I’ll be sharing insight on the evolution of wedding commandments and tips on not being “that person”. From parentals, to the wedding party and guests, find your category and take heed. Because people will talk about your ass.

Episode 5: Because No Great Story Ever Began with a Salad ft. @justinicocktails

I think it’s safe to say that bars at weddings are definitely trending. There are so many ways to make it your own and make it pop. One of the most impactful things that anyone has ever said to me is, “Bar is the second most important B-word after bride”. Jessica Robinson of Justini Cocktails know her stuff y’all. In this episode, we talk about what makes a great bar without breaking the bank, as well as best practices to make sure that there’s something for everyone.

Episode 4: A Seat At The Table

It wasn’t until I began getting hired by more out of town brides that the question of seated dinner vs cocktail reception even became a thing. New Orleans folks can’t keep still long enough to make it to the second course, let along take the time for find their escort card. In ep4, we’ll unpack what’s what to help you decide what reception style works best for you

Episode 3: No Ugly Chairs Allowed ft. @chaircouturenola

Not many things are worse than falling in love with the perfect wedding venue only to find out that their chair offerings are totally sketchy. Luckily, Chair Couture NOLA is here to save the day. Fresh chats it up with Gina and Ashley Milligan to talk all things luxury chairs as an option to glam up your wedding space.

Episode 2: Rules of Engagement A La RSVP

Not all heroes wear capes but humans that RSVP to weddings in a timely fashion deserve a prize. This episode explores the entire RSVP process from where you go wrong and how to fix it, to the many options you can give people to avoid being down to the wire on your final headcount.